Candle Trends for 2022

Soy and organic candles

Though "clean" candles are nothing new, the candle community brings them back into the conversation. While many great candlemakers produce high-quality soy candles, there isn't much difference between soy wax and other waxes, like paraffin.

We may attribute the rise in soy candles' popularity to the candle community's misconceptions about the benefits of organic wax. Check out our article, "Why soy candles aren't any better than paraffin," to learn much more about both!

Some dependable and committed candlemakers invest the extra time and resources to ensure their organic candles are healthy, burn longer, smell better, and are more environmentally friendly than alternative waxes. We highly recommend them if you want to take your candles to another level or reduce your carbon footprint.

Soy candles are not a new candle trend by any means, but popular demand endows us with the luxury of choice. Do some shopping around if you haven't experienced what soy candles offer, especially if you're hypoallergenic, vegan/vegetarian, or want to explore the candle scene.

We recommend soy, beeswax, or non-GMO candles. If candlemakers don't disclose plant or vegetable-based waxes, you can assume the candle contains paraffin. Candle marketing can be ambiguous and confusing, so keep an eye out.

The fragrance industry is largely unregulated, so candles can have merely three percent soy and market themselves as "soy-based." Smaller and local candlemakers are usually more open regarding their ingredients and practices, so if larger companies don't satisfy your needs, you can't go wrong with supporting local businesses.

Body-shaped candles

With over 19,000 average monthly searches, body-shaped candles are a prevailing trend right now. Female figure candles are the most common body shape, as they make great aesthetic and stylistic additions to your bathroom, laundry room, or living room.

These seductive candles come in every combination of body type, color, scent, size, and material. Dapper male figure candles are also pretty popular. You can find these niche candles on Etsy, where you can buy custom-made body-shaped candles as well.

Jackpot candles

Jackpot candles are new, trendy, and exciting. Candlemakers place a foil-wrapped pouch at the bottom of a canister and pour wax over it, submerging the small bag. Once you burn through the candle, the foil pouch contains a piece of jewelry valued at up to $5,000.

It's no surprise that jackpot candles are trendy gifts. They are appropriate for almost any occasion, come in various styles, shapes, scents, and may contain surprises other than jewelry.

While there are only a handful of prominent jackpot candle makers, this candle trend proves no shortage of creative candle ideas.

Botanical candles

If you enjoy commercial air fresheners and manufactured scented candles but worry their chemicals may affect your health, botanical candles are a trending solution. Botanical candle companies ensure that their ingredients are fresh, conflict-free, and safe for everyone.

Typically, candlemakers finely chop or crush herbs, plants, and flowers and place them in organic candle wax. This helps release their natural fragrances while the candle burns.

Candle creators will mix and match various plants to create unique fragrance profiles that smell like seasons, environments, and ecosystems! Some candle makers also steep the herbs in hot wax to incorporate the herb scents into the wax.

Both methods create a unique aesthetic, smooth scent, and organic burning experience. Buy yourself a crisp-scented winter botanical candle to experience the aroma. This is one type of candle you have to try.

Trending candle scents

In addition to popular and best-selling candles, we can't forget the candle scent trends, which is why many of us purchase candles. While many common candle scents never go out of style, candle makers have released hundreds of types of scented candles.

Here's a list of some of the most popular candle scents right now:
  • Whiskey
  • Tobacco
  • Leather
  • Tomato
  • Citrus
  • Beachwood
  • Sugar blossom
  • Persimmon
  • Water lily
  • Amber
  • Acai
  • Saltwater
We can attribute some of these exciting scents to the expanding target market for candles. We see a growing male demographic buying more noticeable assortments of fragrances differing from our cliché yet timeless fall scents.

Aromatherapy candle trends

We all know that candles are a gateway to our emotions, mood, and mentality. Candles hold tremendous power, unearthing memories, relieving stress, and calming our minds.

It is no surprise that candles are increasingly prevalent in the self-care industry. Our olfactory system is linked to emotional sections of our brain, altering our mood when we inhale particular smells.

We see aromatherapy seeping into bespoke and organic candles as one of the most popular candle industry trends of 2021. As we head into 2022, some candlemakers will now create combinations of ingredients to replicate childhood or sentimental smells for us.

Innovations in candle creation practices, better ingredients, and popular demand will continue to shift the candle market and expose us to new and compelling types, smells, shapes, and healthy candles that are sure to feed our curiosity. There's never a dull day in the candle world market.