How To Clean Up Candle Mishaps

You're having a perfect romantic evening.

The lights are dimmed. The fragrant candles are glowing. The perfect wine is poured. The Pinterest-worthy cheese board is being devoured. While watching your favorite Netflix series, the hours sweetly pass.

Suddenly, you discover that your candle that had set that perfect mood and ambiance has accidentally knocked over, and has now become a hazardous mess. What should you do? The wax is literally all over, spilling down the candles onto your coffee table, the table cloth, your wooden floor, and more.

So now what? How do I go about cleaning candle wax?

How Do I Clean Up Candle Wax?

No worries! The evening's magic is not lost. There is a simple solution for removing spilled candle wax from almost any surface. While cleaning up spilled wax may seem like a unique art, it's really quite simple once you learn some simple cleaning hacks.

So, pause Netflix, and let the candle wax cool for safety. Then follow these fabulous tips from A Cheerful Giver:

How To Remove Wax From Wood

Wood is naturally porous. So, the best way to get wax off the wood is to freeze the wax so that it doesn't seep deeper into the wood. Using ice cubes, gently wipe the ice over the wax while drying the moisture off of the wax. Once it has cooled down and become hard, gently use a spoon or rounded butter knife to lightly push the wax off of the wood. Be careful not to scratch the surface.

How To Remove Wax From Fabric

If your candle wax has spilled onto your table cloth or clothing, you'll need a different approach to remove it, and the stain it can leave behind. The first thing you need to do is to remove as much of the wax by gently scratching it off with a butter knife. Once you've done that, place some paper bag on the surface of the spill. Using a medium heat iron, gently iron over the bags until the wax transfers to the bags. Do this on both sides of the fabric until the stain is gone.

How To Remove Wax From Candlesticks and Small Objects

Once the candle wax has cooled to a room temperature, carefully use your butter knife edge to gently chip away the unwanted wax drips and spills. You can use ice to speed up the cooling process. For especially stubborn wax stains, you can use mineral spirits.

How To Remove Wax From Your Carpet

Seeing wax pooled onto your favorite rug or carpeting can be a scary sight at first. No worries! This is an easy fix. Take a soft towel or cloth and place it directly on top of your cooled spill. Using your iron on the medium heat setting, gently iron the dried wax spill until it melts and transfers onto the towel.

How To Remove Wax From Your Wall

Before you grab paint brushes and feel like the evening's romantic mood is gone, try this simple solution first. First, using your hairdryer, warm up the wax stain. Dampen a cloth and simply whip it away. Repeat until the candle wax is completely gone.

Candles Are In Fact Magical

Before you know it, you're back watching your series and a new candle is lit. The truth is, there's really nothing that tops a beautiful candle.

Try the almond butter farm fresh candle from A Cheerful Giver for creating ambiance in your home for a special date night, or their adirondack chair “life is good” candle for the winter holidays, or the lush amber bergamot patchouli candle for a quiet night at home with your favorite book or series.

By knowing these tried and true tips for candle wax removal, any worry that you may have about a rare spill can safely be gone. Wax really can be removed from almost anything! So sit back, relax, and take in the warm glow.