How To Properly Burn A Candle

Candles provide warmth. They give light. They produce a sweet scent.

Candles can be a beautiful focal point in your home, giving your home design a touch of elegance. The color can boost a theme in your space.

They also provide a wonderful scent that imparts relaxation through aromatherapy, which in turn reduces stress. They help build a romantic aura, and build cherished memories.

Knowing how to properly burn your candle can help you get the most out of their cozy warmth.

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Candle Burning Tips

Here are answers to common questions about candle burning, from A Cheerful Giver:

  • How long should you burn a candle?

    When experts are asked when to stop burning a candle, they say as a general rule to not burn your candle for longer than four hours. After putting out the flame, let your candle cool for two hours before relighting. Also, make sure that you keep the flame away from moving air.

  • How long should a candle cool?

    Cooling your candle is very important. We suggest allowing your candle to cool for two hours. This allows the wax to resettle, giving you the most burning life from your candle.

  • How long should you burn a candle the first time?

    The first time you light a candle, you will want your candle wax to burn for 3 to 4 hours. This will allow your candle to burn evenly going forward, and will allow it to last as long as possible. This applies whether your candle is in a glass jar, or not.

  • How can you fix a candle wick that will not burn?

    Knowing how to fix a candle wick that won't burn, is a common concern. Sometimes, a wick will get covered in its own wax, making it very difficult to light. Using a long candle lighter, hold the flame over the hidden wick until the wax melts away, exposing the wick. Be patient with this - it can take some time. Soon your wick will be free and ready for proper lighting.

  • What happens if you burn a candle too long?

    First of all, burning a candle for too long can in fact be a dangerous thing to do. It can be harmful to the surface of where you have placed your candle. So paying attention to your candle is critical.

    Secondly, if your candle burns too long, it can make the candle “mushroom”. This can make your wick produce a larger flame. Always follow the directions provided with your candle and keep them away from flammable things, like drapes. And remember, if your candle has multiple wicks, that will make your candle burn faster.

  • How do you burn a candle evenly?

    Consumers often wonder how to burn a candle evenly. The first thing that you need to do is to place your candle on a nice, flat surface. Trim your wick regularly, and be sure to light your candle long enough to avoid and fix unsightly “tunneling” around your wick.

  • How do you burn a candle all the way down?

    Quality candles are a precious investment, and you want to enjoy them as long as possible. If you want to know how to burn a candle all the way down, start off with a good first burn. Follow with proper trimming and long enough burns afterwards.

    If you are left with some wax after your wick has burned down and your candle has fully cooled, get creative! Collect the leftover wax scrapings after the last burn, and place them on your favorite wax warmer in the corner of your room. Then you can enjoy every last drop of the scent.

We wish you hours of enjoyment with your next A Cheerful Giver candle purchase!

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