How to Revamp Your Home With Candles

As we’re refreshing and renewing ourselves for the new year, consider what redecorating can do to help you feel like a new you! After all, a healthy shift in atmosphere can make all the difference in changing our lives. One way to add charm, pleasing scents, and extra light to your living space is by redecorating with candles. Fun and easy to do, incorporating candles into your yearly revamp is a great way to reinvigorate yourself and your home. Read on for 7 ways to decorate your home using candles! 

  1. Group in threes. Or any odd number, for that matter; but three is a good starting point. A widley accepted guideline for interior décor is that grouping things in odd numbers are more memorable, effective, and aesthetically pleasing. According to Janet Patterson, a professional interior decorator, “it has to do with how our brains work. Your eye is forced to move around, which instinctively makes you take in more of the space.” (Our Keepers of the Light collection come in 3 premade sizes, making this super easy!)

  2. Create a mantlepiece. There are many approaches to enhancing your mantle, but a good starting point is to complement any hanging art you have behind it, matching colors and patterns. No art? No problem! Adding beautiful foliage or greenery with your favorite candles and decorations can never go wrong. (Consider flower buds to symbolize new growth for the new year!)
  3. Adorn your coffee table. A focal point of any living space, the coffee table is a great place to get creative. You can group them in the middle, or place them on either side for a more symmetrical look. Also, placing candles on a tray makes for a beautiful presentation while protecting the table’s surface.
  4. Update your bathroom. One easy way to redo your bathroom is to simply add candles—they add color, charm, and refreshing scents! Pick a color theme or a favorite scent and place on sinktops, shelves, and around the bathtub.
  5. Update the porch or patio. A great way to add light and pizzaz to your outdoor areas is with groups of candles. Or, you can give our Flameless Lanterns a try (an even safer choice)! They’re sleek, upscale, and can be either hung or placed on railing or tabletops.
  6. Fill your fireplace with candles. Switch things up by placing several candles in your fireplace. Any shapes and sizes will do here. And this is where votives can really shine – by themselves, or as a complement to larger candles.
  7. Try giving your home a new scent. It’s amazing how our sense of smell can alter the way we perceive an environment. Whether you want to refresh with Lavender or Balsam Fir, create a welcoming environment with Juicy Apple or Cinnamon Buns, or create a mixture of complementing scents, candles are an aesthetic and therapeutic way to create a new aura for your home. (Plus, Air Infusers and Oil Diffusers are also a great way to add your favorite aromas.)
How will you be revamping your home with candles? Let us know by tagging us on your project on Facebook or Instagram! Happy decorating, and happy new year!